Selectivity and quality of service

We have always been very selective in the choice of our labels, so as to provide a boutique offering and cultivate a close and personal relationship with each of them.

The demands we impose upon ourselves allow us to maintain a high level of credibility regarding our partners, as well as being constantly available for our labels in the most effective ways possible.

Accompagnement personnalisé

A personalized approach

We assist our labels at every stage of the digital distribution process, and strive to go the extra mile: from the preparation of new releases and development of sales strategy to tweaking the promo-marketing plan…

Though we’re digital specialists, above all we are music industry professionals.


Highly efficient technical tools

The various tools of our LabelCamp interface assist our labels every step of the way of the digital distribution process, from uploading albums to detailed and complete sales reporting.

This not only saves them time but is also extremely useful for tracking sales, refining strategy, measuring their/our performance, calculating artist royalties...

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More specifically, our LabelCamp interface’s multiple tools allow :

  • Album uploads and exports to our servers
  • Daily sales tracking (downloads and streaming) on main platforms
  • Final revenue analysis
  • Detailed report downloads
  • Online widget/player set up
  • Automation of YouTube channel management related tasks
  • SCPP/SPPF declaration pre-calculation, royalty calculations...
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Distribution internationale

International distribution

Over 80% of IDOL’s revenue is generated outside of France, largely thanks to an extensive network of online services, covering over 95% of the global market, and its sales promotion teams, liaising daily with these platforms across the world...

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Expertise vidéo

Specific video support

YouTube and other video sharing sites are high-growth segments that require a significantly different approach and level of expertise compared to that required for audio sites.

Today, every label is supported by a Channel Manager and takes advantage of incredibly innovative technical tools. This makes them well equipped and ready to manage their channel(s) and better optimise traffic, loyalty, and above all, monetisation.

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Résultats de haut niveau

High-level results

We do everything possible to guarantee new releases maximum exposure and to fully exploit the richness of our label’s catalogues.

Today, the quality of our offering, the steady number of weekly releases, the professionalism recognised by our platforms and the excellent relationships fostered by our teams allow our labels to achieve excellent sales results.

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Dedicated innovation for labels

Always striving to innovate in ways that serve our labels, IDOL has progressively developed its range of services and can now, according to physical distribution demands, propose premium offers, online shops...